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At OBA, we offer a full suite of construction monitoring and risk management services. We can be engaged on specific items or for general project oversight. Explore our services below, click for an expanded description:

Thank you for your persistence in seeing that my home was completed in a timely manner and on budget. Your team is truly amazing!

Ellen, Michigan Homeowner

Owner Builder Advisors

Owner Builder Advisors alleviates your stress with quality construction oversight.

Owner Builder Advisor (OBA) gives your project safeguards throughout the building process. Whether you are building a home or a business, the processes called for in a construction mortgage are much different than those of the traditional mortgage. We know those differences and are ready to guide you through the process.

Our expertise is both nationwide and local. We have colleagues in the community where your project is being built, and they are familiar with the local regulations and permit processes. OBA is experienced and has a proven track record working on a wide variety of projects, from single family homes to large commercial developments.

Whether building from the ground up, rebuilding, or remodeling, OBA is proud to partner with the nationally recognized and trusted Construction Inspection Specialists (CIS) to provide you with qualified, experienced, and accountable inspectors. Trust our construction risk management experts to guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn’t I perform my own progress inspections?

The use of unbiased, third-party inspectors is vital as it provides a checks-and-balance system for construction projects, keeping the owner/builder informed of the true levels of completion of a project. This helps to manage the risk of a loan not becoming upside-down and keeps the entire process at an arm’s length position. Additionally, they provide an objective opinion through the inspector’s knowledge of the construction process and experience in the field. Use of third-party inspectors also offers another objective opportunity to analyze projects in an effort to help keep each one on schedule and within budget.

Does OBA provide construction management or oversight services?

Yes, we have the ability to provide both construction management and construction oversight services for our clients nationwide. Our expertise allows us to monitor a construction project from an oversight standpoint or actually functioning as the onsite construction manager. We feel it is imperative that someone with construction experience be the buffer between the general contractor and the project owner to ensure the lines of communication are kept open to all parties involved.

Do you provide complete fund control services?

We provide the majority of fund control services to our nationwide lending clients. Due to our not being a licensed escrow agent in the State of California, we are unable to perform actual fund disbursement services. We have existing relationships with California licensed escrow agents whom we work with to perform the disbursement transactions.

Does OBA vet general and subcontractors?

Yes, we have developed a comprehensive process that allows us to vet both general contractors and subcontractors for any construction project across the country. We have found this vetting crucial to the integration of an experienced licensed and competent general contractor and/or subcontractors to ensure a project’s success. Our considerations include the contractor’s experience with the specific scope of work, their licensure status, relationship with the local subcontractors and vendors, the ability to meet schedules, past litigation, etc.

Meet Our Team

Steve Clark : President

Steve Clark has been involved in the construction industry for over forty years in both Northern and Southern California. His construction experience includes: architectural / civil drafting and design, land surveying of residential / commercial / public works projects, inspections of residential / commercial / public works projects, full-scale land development, custom residential design and construction, construction lending inspection and analysis, contract document review, and construction safety training and inspections.

Diana Clark : Vice President

Diana Clark has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and has been published in various strategic-management and construction-related publications. Diana has been affiliated with the construction industry since 1998. Her experience in marketing, management, and construction is invaluable to our firm and our clients.  In addition, Diana directs OBA’s strategic planning and financial management.

OBA Team

The OBA team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable individuals offering unparalleled construction management and analysis expertise. The range of experiences found on the OBA team stems from our backgrounds as private lenders, real estate brokers, sales / marketing professionals, developers, and flippers. You can rest easy knowing that our team is monitoring your project; we know what signs to look for, and how to solve problems before they become crises. Our team members are always available for a friendly chat, whether it is a quick question about a current project or an in-depth discussion about your future development plans.

OBA Partners

At OBA, we pride ourselves on the depth of our network of professionals available to assist on your project. Associates utilized by the OBA Team include: licensed contractors, appraisers, architects, certified master inspectors, project managers, surveyors, construction estimators, plan checkers, forensic experts, commercial property managers, construction contract administrators, and construction lawyers. Our ability to utilize this established, nationwide network ensures that we can find the right professional to engage on your project, all at a moment’s notice.

  • California General Engineering Contractor #783342
  • California General Building Contractor #783342
  • California Home Improvement Contractor #783342
  • California Land Surveyor I.T. #ZL003461
  • Registered Construction Inspector #5719
  • Certified Construction Inspector #5936
  • Certified OSHA Construction Safety Trainer
  • American Construction Inspectors Association
  • Association of Construction Inspectors
  • Concrete Field Testing Technician, Grade I, American Concrete Institute
  • Certified Horizontal Directional Drilling Inspector
  • Certified Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPPP) Inspector
  • Certified FEMA Disaster Inspector
  • Certified Construction Document Technologist – CDT